Anvil Mountain Guiding

The Hunting

Depending on how many hunters there are in the hunt, and the game being hunted, we will either be hunting from the Big Creek Lodge or our remote hunting lodge. This will always be the decision of our guide and in which area game is concentrated at this time of year. You will arrive at Williams Lake the day before the hunting starts and will buy, with our assistance, your hunting tags at the Government Building. Then you will come to the Big Creek Lodge using either your own transportation or we will pick you up in Williams Lake.

The hunting will begin at the Big Creek Lodge. Here we will get everyone his own horse and tack, because we have to get up to our hunting lodge by horse. The day on which the hunting starts, the horses and gear are loaded into a truck and driven the 12 km (8 miles) to where our wagon is located (it will be brought there the day before). There we load the wagon with all the gear and supplies for the Hunt and ride the last stretch to the hunting lodge (16 km / 10 miles). At the lodge you will get a warm home cooked meal and a good nights rest. You can even take a hot shower if you wish. From the lodge you will hunt either on foot or horse back, this again will depend on the decision of the hunting guide and how easily accessible the game is.

The Hunting Territory
The territory consists of wild, heavily timbered country dotted with small creeks, swamps and lakes. One third of the hunting territory lays in the remote and nearly untouched Big Creek provincial Park with virgin timber and a lot of swampy creeks. The elevation ranges from 4000 feet to more than 8000 feet. Berries, grasses, young shoots in the Spring and the Willow, Poplar and Red Osier, which grow here, are ideal for Bear, Moose and Deer, but also for other game such as Wolf and Coyotes.

The Game
Our hunting area is perfect for moose and deer hunting, but also for black bear, wolf, and cougar. The moose grow to be monsters ranging from as small as 30" to as large as 60", but larger have been seen. All of our hunters have been satisfied up until now and we hope that you will be too!.

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Moose Hunting

The area around Anvil Mountain which our outfit is named after is some of the best Moose hunting country in the Chilcotin. We offer trophy bulls averaging from 45 to 48" and larger. Our success ratio has been 98% in the last 5 years.

Some hunts will be done by horseback, on foot, ATV or truck. Depending on the hunt you are after we will use one of our many different camps.

We never take a high amount of hunters with put much less pressure on the moose and give's our hunters more one on one time with their guide. We offer different packages to accommodate our hunters needs and dreams.

Package 1:
10 day Canadian Moose hunt.
This hunt is for the hunter looking for that trophy of a life time, or some meat to fill the freezer. This hunt can either be done from our Mountain base camp, or our bottom spike camp. See "prices and dates" for more info.

Package 2:
10 day group Canadian Moose hunt.
This hunt is for those on a budget that still want to experience a true Canadian Moose hunt and give their families meat for the winter. With a minimum of 2 hunters and a maximum of 4 hunters each hunter will have a chance to take a moose but only one bull can be taken per group. Each hunter will receive a Mule deer tag from us free of charge and each hunter can take a deer. For example a group of 3 hunter...that's 1 moose and 3 deer! See "prices and dates" for more info.

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Mule Deer Hunting

B.C is known for some of the best mule deer hunting around, and our mule deer hunts are no exception. We offer many different hunts, from our early season high country alpine hunts which have produced some very impressive trophies, or try our late season low land migration hunts and rut hunts. Each hunt is different in everyway and gives you the choice of picking the adventure that is right for you.

Our high country alpine hunts are for those that like to get out climb a mountian or two to find that big narly mulie buck. Back packing, horseback riding and spike camps are the norm during these hunts so good physical condition is a must, but the rewards are high with many bucks being taken in the 160 to 200 B&C. Shots out to 300 yards are very common so come prepared. If your Looking for that wall hanger of a life time then this is the hunt for you.

Our low country migration and rut hunts are for those who want a big buck or a nice meat buck but would rather come back to a hot shower and a warm meal after a long day of hunting. We normally hunt by using 4x4s pickups and ATVs and cover alot of ground during the day. Opertunities are high and the quality of the deer are also top notch. We will either spot and stalk or sit in blinds and tree stands during these hunts.

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Black Bear Hunting

Our area holds a high concentration of black bears and lots of color. We normaly hunt the bears during the spring, but fall bear hunts can also be arranged.

Hunts will take place in lush fir covered valley bottoms and open grass lands. These are spot and stalk hunts which can get the blood pumping alittle as shots can range from 200 yards to a few feet.
Our outfit has taken some very large bears in the past few years with skulls rangeing from 18 to 21 inches. Colors can range from jet black, dark brown or even cinnimon.

Typicaly hunts are done either on foot or by ATV.

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